"If you are thinking about getting coaching with Emma, stop… just do it! I wasn’t sure what to expect but Emma’s coaching has made such a difference to the way that I think about myself and the world around me. I am discovering my confidence and, without really thinking about it, have noticed that I’ve given up on some of the things that were really holding me back. I had so much self-doubt and my default was to apologise for myself all the time. Emma is just a lovely person, so warm and easy to talk to. She knows the questions to ask to help you get to the root of what’s preventing you from – as she puts it – living your best life. I started the sessions simply hoping that I could get to a place where I felt competent at work, but now I feel so much more motivated and empowered, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds."

Sarah, Scotland


"I'd reached a point in my life where I needed to make some big changes but no matter how many times I told myself to 'just get on with it' I wasn't getting it done. I was also sceptical about coaching mainly because I'm not good at 'opening up' when it comes to personal issues. Lastly, I didn't think real men needed anything more than the exchange of some views and banter over a beer to make everything feel ok again.

Emma is a good listener, she's not afraid to ask difficult questions and she brings no assumptions or judgements to the table. She also has a great sense of humour and a knack of subtly keeping the conversation moving in the direction of your goals. Over the course of several discussions with her I've found a new clarity and calmness about what I need to do and also some surprising revelations about myself. It's fair to say my life has a different feel to it now and for the first time in a long time I'm steadily closing the distance on the changes I need to make."

Tom, Scotland

“Emma is an absolute power of a woman. So inspirational, experienced, gentle and wise. A fantastic coach. It's all about clarity and she has taught me so much. Everyone needs an Emma in their life”

Jojo, Edinburgh

"I’m amazed at the difference five sessions talking to Emma has made to my life. Feeling stuck, unfocused and miserable in my career, and with a hefty dose of “imposter syndrome” thrown in, I came to Emma hoping she could help me find the clarity and confidence I needed to make a change. Although I was unsure of what to expect at first, Emma’s supportive and open nature immediately put me at my ease. Each session was a revelation - I learned so much about myself, and I’d leave feeling energised, happy, confident and able to think much more clearly than before. 

I feel like a different person now, making solid plans with assurance and self-belief. I’d heartily recommend Emma’s coaching to anyone. Thank you so much!"

Jackie, East Lothian

“I decided to see a Life Coach for help with a specific issue. After searching around online, Emma's website stood out by a mile; I loved her approach, openness and  directness.  The 90 minute clarity session I had with her was absolutely brilliant. The questions she asked made it so obvious to me what it was I really wanted to do - it was almost laughable!

I honestly cannot recommend Emma highly enough”.

Victoria, Edinburgh

“The coaching experience with Emma was the first ever coaching experience in my life, at the point I absolutely didn’t know what coaching was. I just was in a situation in my life that I felt I couldn’t cope with on my own, I needed help…It exceeded my expectations.

By the end of the 6th session I more than achieved the initial outcome of the coaching, and I couldn’t believe that, it was magical… But it was much more than that: I became a different person, I feel empowered, I got clearance about myself, I learned how to handle my weaknesses and triggers we all come across at any time. 

I love this state of being and wish I met you before. Thank you Emma!”

Lilia, Edinburgh

"Working with Emma has been brilliant for me. I went to her with big challenges around self esteem and my money story. Over the course of our time together she has held space for me, challenged me, and empowered me to figure out my stuff. I leave her feeling more focused, tuned in, and in alignment than I ever have done. She’s an ace coach and I will miss our sessions."

Rachel, England


“And while you ponder over the answers you grow into the person you're always meant to be”

Anna, Glasgow

"I would highly recommend this amazing woman .... a few life coaching sessions with Emma clarified what I really wanted from life and what was holding me back. Emma challenged every negative thought I had in my head. After years of thinking 'what's the point?', 'there'a no way', 'I can't', I have turned my life around with a more positive mindset and the ability to believe in myself and achieve my life goals."

Nic, Edinburgh

“Emma continues to remind me of so many incredible things. After I have a session with her I am always full of clarity, focus and a reminder of my values which is extremely empowering. She is not afraid to discuss the big issues. Issues such as money. Our relationship with money is often a metaphor for something deeper. Don't get me started on her ability to crush down those limiting beliefs that we all hear.

I can honestly say I am now a far better speaker, writer, coach and person since working with this absolute power of a lady. Emma - you enhance the world, which is why I am so honoured to have you in my book and your voice on my audiobook which is coming soon.”

Jojo, Edinburgh

"For all my initial scepticism, I came to really value my sessions with Emma.  There are some people in life who are just easy to talk to - Emma is one of those people.  She has a wonderful ability to listen yet still ask probing and often uncomfortable questions which make you think deeply about your life and situation.  Our discussions were fun yet challenging, enabling me to take more control of my ‘busy mind’.  I would encourage anyone sitting there wondering whether this might be for them to give Emma a call.”

Matt, Edinburgh


"This is to thank you for your help and support these past few months. I have found my sessions with you to be really helpful in allowing me to reflect on what is going on in my life, and have also found your (often practical) suggestions to be really useful.  You have helped me order my priorities, and make goals for myself.  I have also tried new ways, notably meditation, which I think will become something I always do. It is always good to make time to talk about myself, and although it seemed a bit of a luxury at times, it has proved to be a useful way to spend some of my limited income as it has set me on a clearer path. I hope I have proved that you are never to old to change, and adopt new ways of thinking,  I have yet again learned to trust my eyes, as it was them that told me I would like you!  Thank your web site photographer for that. I am sure that I will find times when I need to see you again and be set back on a path, and I am really sorry to be stopping, I will miss it." 

Hilary, Scotland


"I'd always considered myself a confident person who was sure of making decisions but after some personal turmoil, I'd lost my belief in myself and ability to figure out what I wanted from life. I booked in just 5 sessions with Emma and from the very first one, I felt better about things. Her lovely, open and caring nature made me feel at ease to talk about what I was going through and her practical and emotional advice really helped me examine what I need in life to make me happy. Most of these sessions were online as I live outside the UK but that didn't hamper the benefits of doing this type of coaching. I was able to re-evaluate what I need and want from life and make some major decisions about my future which, without Emma's help, I'm not sure I'd have had the confidence to do so. If you've thought about life coaching at all, I can't recommend Emma enough, I couldn't believe the difference it made to me and friends and family all agree they've really seen it too.

Jane, Spain


"I found Emma's profile on a coaching website and decided to go with her. I was in a really bad place when I first started with Emma. During our sessions, to my surprise, I felt comfortable putting my wall down and show my vulnerable side to a total stranger on the other side of the globe, and I felt calmer and better after every session. She helps me to take a step back to look on a bigger picture on my problem, encourage me to ponder about my doubts and questions. I highly recommend Emma, she is a good listener and a sincere coach."

Kyle, Malaysia


"Emma has been my coach since May and has really assisted me in getting unstuck in an area that means alot to me. Her ability to be present coupled with her warmth and joyful demeanor make it a safe space to explore what's been holding me back. She catches me off guard with questions that really make me think about my model of the world which is often the catalyst I need to jump ahead and get back on track. I highly recommend Emma!"

Joanna, Scotland


"I have had five sessions of coaching from Emma. I have signed up for more! A great help at exactly the right time for me and I can really recommend Emma for thoughtful, empathetic and supportive work whilst gently challenging. A really good investment in myself."

Sheila, Scotland

“Working with Emma came at a time in my life when I was feeling really low - I was coming out of a period of extreme anxiety as a result of a very stressful work situation. I had been exploring therapy options, but I felt drawn towards Emma after having met her at an event. I couldn’t afford both, so I chose coaching. And I’m so glad I did. Instead of rehashing all my negative thoughts and feelings and anxieties with therapy (which I had done previously), I found coaching a much more empowering and uplifting experience. Emma has the ability to know exactly the right question to ask to get to the heart of things and to unlock conversations to help you explore things in a natural way. Whilst it was challenging at times (there were tears!), working with Emma made the whole process feel natural and safe. I can not recommend Emma highly enough.”

Rosie, East Lothian

"The beauty of Emma's coaching was that it was clean, simple and stripped back which gave me the space to think about what it is I wanted and to hear my own thoughts clearly. Emma made me feel comfortable very quickly and I enjoyed the chance to speak honestly with someone supportive who helped root me to real world/ tangible actions and not just the incessant thinking which has been a trap I often get caught in...I think Emma brought a good balance between holding me to account and being gentle enough to enable me to decide the way in which I wanted to move forward. She helped to focus me on small but significant actions that I could take to move towards a bigger vision."

Vanessa, London


"I found my coaching sessions with Emma invaluable!  Through Emma's guidance she helped me understand what my priorities were, and I was able to make the most of a difficult situation with ease.  She helped me stay grounded and through fluidity and grace was able to steer me towards the right path.  From the get-go, Emma was warm, welcoming, and without knowing too much what to expect, I was able to express myself whole-heartedly.  I recommend Emma's coaching to anyone that is brave, and ready for clarity."

Chris, Australia


"I had been feeling in life rut for a while before having my first chance conversation with Emma. I was not even at a point where I knew what to change but I felt something had to! Emma and I had a pre-coaching chat where we soon came to the conclusion that I felt I was stagnating in my chosen career. My work life had changed after having a family and career wasn’t going where I thought I would like it to be.

We booked in 5 coaching sessions and started exploring what my next career moves would be. I identified my plan of action, made a few moves and then stalled – something did not feel right. Emma and I had short break while I reflected on our discussions and re thought my goals. It wasn’t long before the epiphany came - I needed a completely different career. Emma and I met again and I am back on track for planning my new venture.

Working with Emma has been delightful and I have always left our sessions feeling refreshed, energised and optimistic. I really believe that I am in control of my destiny and now that I have identified where I truly want to be in life there is no stopping me. Emma is worth every penny for her coaching skills and working with her has been an investment for my future. I cannot recommend Emma highly enough."

Steph, Scotland


"I came to Emma feeling like I was just on the edge of my own happiness but not sure how to live it. I needed the support & guidance to actually decide what was important to me & how was I going to achieve that. Emma has been so patient, understanding & such a comfort knowing that I could completely open up and be honest with myself about things that have been at the forefront of my daily life... I feel so empowered by my sessions with Emma, would totally recommend anyone feeling like they need to address any self doubt or any other internal battles to get in touch with her".

Carmen, Edinburgh


"She holds a really nice relaxed space yet she's like some kind of question ninja!"

Nick, London


"Recognising that I was struggling a bit a friend suggested I contact Emma.  He had experience of a life coach the previous year and had found it very beneficial. A few sessions with Emma has made a huge difference to me too. Her warm welcome and friendly manner immediately put me at my ease. Whilst Emma is supportive, gentle and compassionate she skilfully allowed me to focus on what was important to me, and enabled me to see that by making some small changes and asking for support from my family, I could reach a much better balance in my life. I feel as though I have much more control of my life now and the feeling of empowerment is amazing"

Siobhan, Edinburgh


"My experience of life coaching with Emma has been very positive. Through this process I explored areas of my life that were ‘stuck in a rut’. Through my sessions with Emma I had the space to explore these with her careful questions. This has enabled me to open my mind to an alternative much more positive approach that has improved my well being and quality of life.  I highly recommend life coaching with Emma."

Alex, Edinburgh