Carla Fullerton

Creative Coach,
Fuller Coaching

“Emma is a fantastic coach. I starting working with her at the beginning of my coaching training. I had many personal barriers and had low confidence with myself and in starting up my own business, but I knew this was something I wanted to do.

Emma helped me realise my potential. She asked me challenging question which helped me really think and start to realise what it is I really want, and how I want it to look. 

I went on to do Emma's Newbie to Nailing it course. It came at the right time and has made me really push my business ideas and really dig deep to think about what I want my coaching business to look like. 

I would recommend Emma to anyone that needs to find clarity within themselves and is wanting to grow and move forward with their personal life and coaching life. 

She is a truly inspirational.”

Hannah Buchan

Transformational Coach,
Hannah Buchan Coaching

“Working with Emma empowered me to prioritise what was right for me, my family and my coaching business. Working on my values was incredibly helpful. I quickly gained clarity around what it was I was looking for and was able to let go of some fixed- mindsets that I didn’t even realise I had, but that were really holding me back.

Starting out as a coach is exciting but it’s also a really challenging/ intimidating time. At times I felt vulnerable, especially when it came to putting myself and my business out there. My sessions with Emma have allowed me to be who I am and build a business aligned with my values.

Being coached by someone with Emma’s experience has been invaluable. It’s reassuring to know that’s she’s successfully set up a thriving coaching company and although it’s absolutely a coaching process she has the understanding of the process to focus in on what you need to reflect on/ develop. She absolutely gets to the nub of the issue and will ask you the hard questions.

I found the accountability element of working with Emma a complete game changer. I can honestly say I’ve been much more productive and happy since working with her. And when self-doubt has crept in I’ve found it hugely beneficial to share this and be coached around it. If you are serious about coaching and really want to get your coaching business off the ground them Emma is the coach for you. Her relaxed, supportive and straight- talking style combined with her experience will be invaluable investment in your business.”

Tricia Murray

Parenting Coach and EFT Therapist, Founder of Overcome the Overload

“I went to see Emma as I was struggling with my business and what direction I was going with it. I realised I was having confidence crisis following the birth of my 4th child. Issues that were coming up around imposter syndrome, struggling with evolving my business to be suited to my new situation, some core beliefs that kept cropping up, valuing my contribution to the women I work with, having a clear direction and focus.

The sessions helped me immensely in gaining confidence, focus, direction as well as feeling more relaxed in my business, focussing more on enjoying what I do and feeling the ability to play about and learn with what I’m doing.

Since working with Emma - I’ve seen a substantial increase in income with less time spent in my business stressing and more time enjoying it. I’m looking forward with continuing to work with Emma and keeping moving myself and my business forward.”

Liz Gilmour

Transformational Career and Business Coach,
Liz Gilmour Coaching

“Emma has been coaching me in relation to getting my new career off the ground.  She has allowed me to get clarity and focus on what I was trying to achieve. She has helped me understand what was holding me back and as a result, to overcome those obstacles. 

The boost in clarity and confidence that I have gained has got me to a place where I am now feeling that it is "all starting to happen". Emma is a kind, compassionate coach with a real insight for asking the right questions to help me move forward."

Sarah Philp

Transformational Coach,
Sarah Philp Coaching and Yoga

“I had followed Emma on Facebook for a while before I got in touch. From her Facebook posts and communication I could tell that she had the warmth, challenge and groundedness that I was looking for.

I felt stuck, stressed and unsure what to do make things better. Emma doesn’t have a magic wand but she certainly has the skills to create the space to think, explore and develop action. 

Over the last year of working with Emma I have embarked on and completed a coaching diploma, set up my own coaching business and challenged myself in many different ways. 

Emma has been incredibly helpful in supporting my thinking and clarity about my business, the kind of coach I want to be and putting myself out there. Emma asks hard questions sometimes but often those are the questions that lead to the ‘aha’ moments and the biggest shifts. I look forward to my sessions with Emma and can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Niki Hutchison

Marketing Strategist/Coach
The Simplicity Concept

“I’ve been working with Emma for quite a few months. What I really like about Emma’s approach is she’s not just a Life Coach, she’s not just a Business Coach but she’s a great combination of both. 

When I’ve worked with business coaches in the past I have wanted them to answer specific things and teach me specific things. With Emma it’s much more about me as a whole, as a person, as a business owner. 

We delve into ideas I’m having and she really draws things out of me. She also helps me to play big, sometimes I start off playing smaller than I should and Emma makes all the difference and continues to do that during each of our sessions. 

It’s a really great experience and I always leave feeling completely motivated and ready to get started.”

Jojo Fraser

Author, Speaker, Wellbeing Coach and Podcaster

“Emma continues to remind me of so many incredible things. After I have a session with her I am always full of clarity, focus and a reminder of my values which is extremely empowering. She is not afraid to discuss the big issues. Don't get me started on her ability to crush down those limiting beliefs that we all hear. Emma is an absolute power of a woman. So inspirational, experienced, gentle and wise. A fantastic coach. It's all about clarity and she has taught me so much.

I can honestly say I am now a far better speaker, writer, coach and person since working with this absolute power of a lady. Emma - you enhance the world, which is why I am so honoured to have you in my book and your voice on my audiobook which is coming soon. Everyone needs an Emma in their life”


Rosie Palmer

Transformational Coach,
Rosie Palmer Coaching

“Emma has coached me throughout my coach training, and as I begin the tentative process of establishing my own coaching practice.

Emma has kept me grounded as I’ve worked through powerful emotions and breakthrough moments. Emma is empathic, present, supportive and patient, yet she also manages to keep me focused on my goals, empowering me to move myself forward with confidence.

Working with Emma is a joy and I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially those who are establishing themselves as a coach, and in fact, even those already established!”

rachel martin

Love and Relationship Coach. Rachel Martin Coaching

"Working with Emma has been brilliant for me. I went to her with big challenges around self esteem and my money story.

Over the course of our time together she has held space for me, challenged me, and empowered me to figure out my stuff. I leave her feeling more focused, tuned in, and in alignment than I ever have done. She’s an ace coach and I will miss our sessions."