From Newbie to Nailing It:

Your Five Step Plan to Creating a Value Based, Income Generating Kick Ass Coaching Practice

Have you recently invested in becoming a coach?

You have learned loads along the way about coaching and about yourself. It’s been a journey of new skills and new insights and finishing feels a little strange.

I get that, I’ve been there.

It’s time to start putting yourself out there, it’s time to start finding real and paying clients, discovering who you are as a coach and valuing what you do. 
But you feel a little stuck, a little exposed and like it’s a big leap that you need to take. And you’re not sure you can!
I’m here to tell you that’s not always a big leap but more a transition. With the right mindset and clarity about who you are and what you are offering and some specific strategies, things can really progress for you. 
It’s time to take your coaching from a hobby to an Income Generating, Kick Ass Practice whilst aligning to the Values you have discovered as a New Coach. 
Let me help you with that. It’s going to be enjoyable!

From Newbie to Nailing it is going to help you discover the kind of coach you want to be, the impact you want to have and how to find your clients and talk to them so that they hear you and they want to work with you, as much as you want to work with them.

It’s going to get you out there, taking up your rightful space in the coaching world and doing that thing that you know you are meant to do.


In this five module online group coaching programme we will cover:

Values: How to align what you do with what’s important without compromising on income or yourself. Aligning your business to your Values will enable more flow. What are your Values, how do they show up and how can we keep them in focus.

Vision: Let’s clear on your vision. What is your Why? What is it that you want? How can you create a business you love answering your why, whilst living how you choose. You can and you will.

Money Mindset: What’s your money mindset doing for you? Is it helping you or holding you back? It can be far more powerful than you realise. Let’s expose your money story and unpick it, let’s increase your worth and have you comfortable with asking for that. 

Ideal Client: Who are these people you want to work with? Let’s dig deep, what do you want to do for them, what is the impact you want to have and where will you find them. When you do find them, how will you talk to them and show them you can help. We will answer all these questions and get you laser focused. 

Bigging Up and Getting Out: You’ll be clearer on your vision, clearer on your worth, clearer on your offering and clearer on your client, now let’s put it all together and get you out there building your business! We’ll work on facing your fears (you’ll have them), what to do when you feel exposed (you’ll feel it) and how to know this is all okay and part of the process.

We will start building your confidence muscle so you can do what you are meant to do, help others flourish whilst flourishing yourself!
How will it work?
We will work through all of this together.

  • All 5 modules will have PDF workbooks for you to complete each fortnight

  • Fortnightly 1-hour workshops delivered via Zoom over the 12 weeks. Recorded and accessible for always.

  • Closed Facebook Group for the duration of the course where I will be on hand to support and encourage and challenge you to do stuff!

What is the cost?

£580 (Pay In Full)
3 x monthly instalments of £195 (£585)

But hold on that is not all!!!


Bonus: Brilliant Business Builders Masterclass

with Niki Hutchison from The Simplicity Concept

The amazing Niki Hutchison from The Simplicity Concept will be hosting an hour long Masterclass via Zoom especially for you, tailored to your needs.

The Masterclass will be all about marketing your Coaching Practice and yourselves.

I’m super excited for her to share this with you all (Niki is a guru of Marketing) and so is she!

Niki Logo.jpeg

This programme is open to qualified Coaches or Coaches who are working towards a qualification.

The next course is starting at the end of October!

To join the waiting list click the button below:


About Emma

Emma Dempsey is an ICF accredited Coach and Coach Trainer. With twenty years’ experience of training and Social Development.

Emma has built a successful business around her family and her lifestyle which is led by her values at all times. Emma does things her way and encourages her clients to do the same.

As a Coach Emma works with “brilliant humans” looking to create change in their life and business. As a Coach of Coaches she works with newbie Coaches starting their business journeys and helps them to get clear, stop playing small and turn their ideas into income generating Coaching Practices.

Alongside her coaching work this last year Emma has also held workshops at the Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival, she has appeared on several podcasts and has had her writing featured in a best-selling book.


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