What are you Thinking?

I have just spent two days training Coaches on how to use Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, it’s always a weekend full of insights and shifts. 

The ideas of Cognitive Behavioural coaching are taken from the world of therapy but used in a non-therapeutic way. Key to this is how our thoughts influence our feelings, our behaviours and in turn our outcomes. 

I find this idea so powerful.  How we think creating our outcomes.  And so if we shift the way we think about things, we can shift our outcomes and our reality. 

I often hear people in the online space talking about changing our mindset as if it that’s a simple thing, a switch to flick. And sometimes it is. But more often than not it’s a process. A courageous and brilliant process.

My clients dig deep and create change with courage and help from me. They shift the way they think about themselves and recognise their limiting beliefs for what they are.

Taking the time to be aware of how they think is incredibly empowering. And power is such a great thing.

 Power to change, power to improve, power to create the life and the business they want to have.

 How are you thinking about yourself today?