Value your Values

I talk a lot about values and the importance of knowing what your values are. Having had big shifts myself when realising I wasn’t living a life that really connected with my values I now see the impact that has on others too. Most of my coaching starts with examining my client’s values.

But what the heck is a value?

To me it’s a principal or a way of being that we hold true, something that is really important to us, something that acts as our internal navigation system. So knowing what are values are is really useful, and can help us navigate life and live in flow.

When we don’t live a life that connects to our values there’s a dissonance, an edginess or possibly an underlying anxiety. If honesty is a core value of mine for example, then the idea of lying makes me feel pretty shitty. Put me in an environment where I have to do that regularly, then that’s going to impact me. Chances are I’ll know why. But what about when we don’t know what our values are?

Take growth, a value of mine and for many of the coaches that I work with, we are drawn to the profession because of it. Not recognising growth as a value can cause dissonance, a guilt for wanting more or wanting to be more. But identifying it as a value allows us to recognise the importance of it and how we connect to it.

Living in line with our values is a beautiful thing, and recognising when our values aren’t in line gives us knowledge and power to choose.

As Coaches, how do we align our Business to our Values? Again we start with unpicking what they are. Then we can use them to underpin what it is we do. In module one of My Newbies to Nailing it course we take the time to look at this. Using the example of honesty, how could you implement that in your business, what are the behaviours and actions you would need to take in order to feel that flow and not the conflict.

Using your values to help underpin your business and the way you work can allow you to feel fulfilled in what you choose to do and isn’t it fulfilment we seek in setting up our businesses in the first place?

Are you aware of your values right now?