Tall Women

I am a tall woman. I had reached my full height of 5ft 9 as a teenager, I hated it. Stooping low in photos and feeling bad for taking up space or daring to be taller than the boys around me. 

I see this with the women that I work with. Brilliant women. All the time. 

Not wanting to take up space. Not because of their actual height but because of feeling "too big" "too much" "too loud" not wanting to "make a fuss".  

Centuries of oppression can impact us in so many ways.

We work around these feelings, we unpick them, we see them for what they are and we build strategies and techniques to rise above them.

When I ask these brilliant women how they feel during or after this process they often use the word taller. They feel taller, more intune with their power and happy to take up they space that they deserve. 

They feel taller. I love this.

They are not taller.

But indeed they are. 

Emma Dempsey April 2019 (81 of 91).jpg