Building Community

Building your audience

Audience building, it’s a term I’ve heard since I started coaching but what does it actually mean?  

Audience building is about creating or nurturing a pool of people who may then invest in your services. There are different ways of doing this from creating “opt-ins” and “lead magnets” to help bring people from a “cold audience” (people who aren’t aware of you) to a warmer audience (people who will be aware of you, hopefully like and trust you and then go on to buy from you). 

I like to think of it more about building a community around you as opposed to an audience. From years of working in community development I like to take a really honest approach. An approach that feels good to me, feels good to my community and feels more sustainable and therefore good for business.

When thinking about building your audience or your community do it in a way that feels true to you. Chances are you’ll already have an audience of some sort, how can you gather them, how can you communicate with them, bring more of them in, what would feel good to you? This should be something you’re thinking about always.

And who are these people? Where are they? Are they the right people for you? It’s all very well having 10,000 followers on social media but if there not the right audience for you then those numbers won’t necessarily lead to any meaningful work for you. And that sucks. 

Take the time to think about that, doing some work on your ideal client is super helpful and can really move your business forward (we could do a 90-minute clarity call on this if you’re stuck). Once you know who they are you can start really focusing on building and growing your community.

Then think about how you can serve them, how can you help them? What do they need from you? Why are you the coach for them?

Then serve them, help them, invest energy in their success, do it honestly and authentically and your community will want to connect more. 

What can you do to nurture or grow your community today?