A client I am working with just asked me some questions. I pondered over them for a while and then I wrote my thoughts...

Who should see a life coach and what is the biggest benefit?

I believe everyone could benefit from seeing a coach. Having a confidential, comfortable and objective space to enable one to think deeply and explore things can be hugely beneficial. I am constantly astounded by the impact that this has on my clients. I believe that we are always growing and seeing a coach can accelerate this and enable us to uncover different paths and stay focused. One of the biggest benefits that I see is a shift in how we think about things. A clarity that comes from working with a great coach.  We are all affected by limiting beliefs and it’s a powerful thing to watch as these are recognised for what they are and then challenged and changed. There is just something incredibly valuable about taking the time to know our selves and to think about what it is we want from this one life and how we can achieve that. This then enables us to drive life and not let it simply drive us. Lastly growth can be scary and challenging and dark but growth in itself can be incredibly beneficial to living a happier life. 

What do you believe to be the key factors that get in the way of living our best life?

Having worked for a long time in social development I am aware some of the barriers that we have to living our best life. Low income, bad housing etc can really take away our power and our wellbeing. Though on the other end of the spectrum there are people who appear to have it all, beautiful homes, an abundance of money and a healthy family, yet they are miserable and feel guilty for not feeling happy with all they have. So it’s a tricky one to define, we humans aren’t a homogenous group we are varied and flawed and brilliant. But one thing that I talk about a lot is power, if we don’t feel we have the power to change any of this then we simply don’t change any of this. Life is busy and often we don’t take the time to think about what it is we are doing. We may be restricted by our actual circumstances but we are more restricted by our beliefs and our thoughts, they bind us and they limit us and they can keep us from doing what we truly want to be doing.

The thing I love most about my coaching work is that these beliefs and these thoughts aren’t who we are and we can shift and change them as we can shift and change ourselves. Coaching broadens our minds and then our opportunities. And this can enable us live our best lives.