I'm telling my client that I feel like the boy from the Sixth Sense, the one who whispers in hushed tones to Bruce Willis "I see dead people". But with me, I tell her, I see greatness. She laughs and asks me to explain what I mean. And I tell her, I tell her about all these brilliant clients that I see, they sit opposite me telling me in great detail, with heavy shoulders, all the reasons that they can't do the things that they want to do. The reasons are varied and plentiful but I hear the words "should" and "realistic" the most. And what I notice when they speak like this is a lack of power, not a big fancy power but simply the lack of believing that change can happen. This lack of belief disempowers and locks that greatness in, it pushes it down, but I can still see it simmering away and knowing it's there enables us to work together to draw it out. 

I believe everyone has greatness within them and I tell her this. Greatness to me is part of being human. Humans are amazing, resilient, courageous and capable beings and whether we choose to tap into that, is up to the lives we live and the circumstances we are born into. But ultimately it is up to us.

"Tell me what should means to you" I ask my client, her eyes brighten as she thinks about it. I see her greatness simmer again, it's already there and soon she will know it too.