The Silence

I know something is happening by the silence in the room. It's a silence that is necessary yet possibly not comfortable for the brilliant woman that is sitting near me. It's a silence that I have grown to be at ease with, it's a silence that I might even love. It's a silence of wonder and of growth. A silence of presence (me) and deep thought (her). A silence of change, a change in how she has perceived something for as long as she can remember.

It started with a question. I asked her a question. It felt like a simple one. Why hadn't she started the thing that she has been thinking about starting for over four years. She gave me an answer and I asked her for more. And now we are here.

Something is happening to her, and because of that something is happening to me. The hairs on the back of my next are standing up and there is a feeling that I don't explain easily. Maybe it's empathy or a shared understanding or maybe it's a awareness of the power in the room.  Maybe it's something to do with her fear being realised and therefore released, or maybe it's me seeing her greatness coming through. Maybe. Maybe.

All I am sure of in this moment is that something has shifted within her and I feel it too.