New Year New Whatever Suits You!

There seems to be a debate on my social media feed. Well maybe not quite a debate. Maybe more of a two camps kind of thing. There is the “new year new you crew”, telling us that new year is a great time for change and starting afresh for doing things we always wanted to do, then there is the “new year same you crew”, telling us that we are perfect the way we are and we don’t need anything more or to change for anyone. I’m interested in the debate and I definitely have half a foot in each camp.

Someone asked me recently what was my biggest learning from 2017, I had two. The first one was that I am not the person that I had thought I was for a long time, and the second was that it is okay to want more.

There seems to be a belief out there that by wanting more for ourselves or those we love we are not content with who we are or what we already have, but I don’t buy this. I know too many people who are grateful and content but curious to know and be more. I am one of them and it has taken me a while to be okay with that. For a long time, I felt guilty for wanting more, it made me anxious and made me dislike myself because I thought it meant that I was discontent or ungrateful or not a good person but I now know that’s not the case. I am a pretty positive woman, possibly irritatingly so, and I am so bloody grateful for all I have.  I am also pretty present, in the moment as it were, I have meditated most days this year and it’s helped me an incredible amount. So yes, I’m pretty damn content, it’s taken work, but I am there.

But here’s the thing, I also want more, I am hungry for knowledge and growth and yes I want to constantly evolve and that can mean change.  I want more, I said it, and that is okay. I want to grow this year as much as I did in 2017, I want to learn new things and meet great people and have wonderful experiences and I want to be able to take my children on fabulous holidays. These things don’t mean I’m not happy with all I have, because I am, I am thankful everyday for my health, my children, my friends, living in a county without war and the work that I get to do. But I want more, to experience more and to be more. And that is okay.

Happy New Year, whatever you choose to do and be.