Choices choices...

I’m speaking to a friend on the phone about happiness. He tells me he chose long ago to accept that he would never be truly happy. I don’t say much but I feel it on the inside. It sinks in and sits with me for a long time afterwards. “I chose long ago to accept that I would never be truly happy”. Such definitive words said with total acceptance. I chose. I chose. I chose.  

By choosing to never be truly happy then he will never be truly happy, is that a simplification of a complex issue? It could be, but equally I don’t think so at all. We are the results of our choices. The choices that we make a million times a day. And while I don’t doubt that he has stuff to sort through that led him to make that choice in the first place, surely the road to happiness begins with choosing it as a destination.

We know that our well-being is partially determined by genetics and other factors, but it's now claimed that approximately 40 percent of our happiness can be determined by our attitude and choices. So what if this friend shifted his mindset, flipped it, and chose to accept that he would experience true happiness. I’m not saying for every moment of the day, but to experience it throughout life.

What are the choices he would then make, consciously or unconsciosly, to ensure that happened? With an expectation that happiness was his for the taking how would his life differ from his life now?

It is said that we are always one choice away from a completely different life, choose well.