I sent my website to my sister for feedback. I wasn’t sure what she would say but inherently I knew that it would be positive. My sister, like my mum, sees the positive on the gloomiest of days. She is also an encourager, a cheerleader, shouting support from the sidelines, allowing me to believe I can do stuff and do it brilliantly. This feedback made me laugh a lot, of all the things to comment on it’s my teeth, my teeth that I have never loved! It made me laugh but it also made me feel good. I love that. I love being around people who make me feel good. It got me thinking about the need for cheerleaders in our lives, the people who allow us to really believe that we are capable of great things and who allow us to believe we are great anyway, no matter what we are striving for.

Are we ever our own cheerleaders? We encourage our friends like this and our family but do we encourage ourselves enough? I know my sister is her very worst critic.

One of the things that I love most about coaching is watching people discover their internal greatness, given the space and the time to reflect on their own abilities and the ability to change or destroy the blocks that might be in place for them. And through this process becoming their own cheerleaders, that look on their face when they realise “I can do this’ or “so that’s what has been happening” is a magic moment.

We all need cheerleaders in our lives, helping us feel great, but the biggest most powerful cheerleader of all is often locked away inside. Try letting them out and feel the greatness unfold!