Coming Out as a Coach

I'm sitting with my colleagues having lunch. We've worked together for a few years and they are great, smart and inspiring people. They start asking me about my coaching business and I feel awkward. I don't yet know what they will think but I know I am self conscious and I'm unsure why. They are asking me about evidence, as a departmet we are guided by evidence in everything we do, in fact we do very little without knowing the evidence. 

I read often about believing in yourself and not worrying what others think, it's so easy to say that, yet I know it matters, this is my tribe, my other work family, their opinions are important to me.

And so I tell them, I tell them about this world of coaching that I have entered, that it has been as amazing for me as it has the people I'm coaching. I tell them how I think it was maybe always inside me but now I've found it, I tell them about the brilliant training I have done with brilliant people, I tell them about the evidence that I see in front of me, sitting opposite me or on my laptop via skype. I tell them some stories of change that have happened or insights gained. I tell them about my curiosity about changing mindsets and the power that can have despite of, or because of life circumstances. 

I know my voice is shaking, I am so flippin' passionate about it. And then I stop, they smile. I know they get it and I am pleased.