The Power of Power

I received this feedback from a client last week, I loved it so much I made a fancy photo and posted it to Instagram. It was only after doing that and thinking about it through the week that the significance of it has really hit me. Power is for want of a better phrase, an incredibly powerful thing.  We know the effects of an inequitable power distribution and what that does to societies, we see the evidence in increased poverty and health inequalities.

But what about on a personal level? What is feeling like you have no power doing to us as people. Those who feel disempowered are less likely to look after themselves, attend appointments and make positive changes in their lives. What’s the point? they think, what will it change? And so nothing does.

Life can seem hard and the “rules” and the “structures” can feel against us. But what if we could change things from within. What if we could feel that we had control, that power was ours for the taking, what could that do for us individually and what impact would that have on our lives?

I already know the answer, I’ve seen what it can do for the people I'm working with and it is a great great thing with far reaching consequences.  I feel empowered just witnessing it.