Past Procrastination

It’s funny how we only notice that things have passed when we think about the thing and realise it’s no longer there.

I used to deserve a gold medal for procrastination. If there was a competition, I would have been up there with the best. Hours of my life were spent thinking about all the things I had to do instead of actually doing them. And then more hours spent feeling anxious about all the things I hadn’t done. That’s a lot of hours, I’m not even going to wonder how many.

Something changed however when I started meditation. And here’s the funny thing, I had spoken about doing meditation for flippin’ ages but it wasn’t until I was crippled by overwhelm that I actually started it. And then things just got steadily better, it’s definitely been a most wonderful evolution.

My mind is calmer, my relationships better, my focus stronger and as I've just realised my days of procrastinating are in the past!

What’s not to like? Joyous.