City Sprinting

I am walking to a work meeting from my office on the other side of town. I haven’t actually walked very far lately and I’ve purposely put this time in my diary to allow the time needed to get there without hurrying. It’s a bright November day and the winter sun is lighting the sky, I breathe in its beauty and note that I’m so grateful to be healthy. It’s then I notice that I feel really alive. It’s one of those days where colours feel brighter and every inhalation of breath seems to clear the mind a little more. I grin. It feels good.

There are people ahead of me, milling along, mostly all walking in the same direction towards town. They are walking along a path in the park, under some trees, everyone is sticking to the path and I think about that a little. I notice I’m walking faster, then sporadically my pace is broken up with short bursts of running, it feels a little rebellious somehow and I like that. I’m dressed in my work clothes, a black dress and boots with cuban heels with a largish bag on my shoulder. I’m definitely not dressed for running but then I run a little more. My speed picks up and I veer onto the grass, passing the people walking the path. My speed picks up some more and I realise I am sprinting. My legs are long and my stride is wide and I am running across the park with all I have. I feel flippin’ amazing.

I continue this sprint right across town. Through the streets of the city centre I run, I’m aware of people looking but I keep going. My legs feel strong and I feel powerful and it just feels so damn good. A couple of men working outside shout something at me but I don’t hear what and I just run on. Sprinting. I don’t stop, I don’t need to, I know my legs will get me there and so I keep going.

I come to a halt outside the building where my meeting is. I am both pink and panting. I enter the reception area. I wonder if I look a little bonkers. And that’s when it hits me. I don’t care what I look like or what others might think, all I know is that I feel brilliant. And that makes me grin some more.