I've always been a great believer in asking for help. Well, more specifically I've always asked for help for others, for good causes, or support with my kids or for organising community events and that kind of thing. In my mind people are pretty darn good and they like to help,  as humans we need to feel needed and we need to feel purposeful. Except I've not been so good in asking for myself. I've often heard myself saying no to good people when they try to help, when inside my head I'm shouting YEEES bloody please. 

In January this year I decided to change that, I would ask people for help or support if needed for me too. It's been interesting. No-one has said no. I've not asked loads but when I do it's greeted with warmth and ease and generally an "of course". People are amazing, I always say it. And I surround myself with really great humans. I know that for sure. 

But here's the thing, it's not that hard to ask and the rewards are big. Not just in the help that's given because it could be a really small thing, but in the warmth that fills your soul in the aftermath of someone showing you they've got your back.

Try it. Just ask, and see what happens.